In Espiritu 23 you can offer or receive lessons and workshops. If you have a project and you are looking for a space to put it on, come and tell us about it. We are in the heart of Malasaña, and we have multi-use rooms for workshops and events.


In Espiritu23 we have multi-use rooms available for you. If you’re looking for a space to put on workshops, activities, classes, events or meetings, we have a room for you!

What’s more, if you’re an artist — or even if you’re not — and you have something interesting to exhibit in our café space, you have the opportunity to do it.

Contact us and we will give you all the information without a requirement to book.

Our facilities are ready with everything you need to arrange all your activities and meetings. Rooms are available from €10 an hour.

I am in Malasaña

Espiritu23 is in Espiritu Street, number 23. As easy as that! The street is the epicentre of Malasaña, the most modern and ‘castizo’ neighbourhood in Madrid

C/ Espíritu Santo 23. 28004 Madrid

how do I get there?


5 minutes

BICIMAD: Base 59

1 minute


M-F: 09:00  a 20:00

(+34) 915 321 849