Our cafeworking is a space designed for working and exhibitions.

Coffees and Exhibitions

We like laptops

“Do you have WIFI?” Don’t be shy about asking us! We do have Wifi for you. The CAFÉworking in Espiritu23 is a calm space where you can connect online and work — a perfect space for digital nomads, people on the move, spontaneous workers and anyone who needs an internet connection and the best quality coffee or tea. We may not have ‘brunch’, but we do have all our WIFI for you — and your laptop.

23 Espiritu Santo Street (local), 28004 Madrid.

Open hours: M-F 09:00 until 20:00

And we like people that exhibit

We know how difficult it is to hold an exhibition in an art gallery or give life to a new project. That is why in Espiritu23 we try to engage art, culture, and creativity. Our caféworking area is available to display all sorts of artistic expressions and projects.

If you are an artist with a collection that you would like to exhibit, or a project you want to display, the Caféworking at Espiritu23 is your perfect showcase. Contact us via info@espiritu23.com

Projects with Espiritu

Over the past 6 years many people have passed through Espiritu23, each hoping to set up projects they are passionate about.

We believe many of these projects deserve to be heard, given the ideas they’re proposing and the impact they could have on society. That’s why, from this month, we will host our “Proyectos con Espiritu” talks in our café.

In these talks you will be able to hear about and listen first-hand to the plans, intentions and ideas of entrepreneurs and associations looking to make change in different spaces and places around the world.

Do not miss the announcements published on our social networks. Come and participate in #ProyectosConEspiritu.

If you are interested in exhibiting your work contact us at: info@espiritu23.com

Exposición septiembre

Aurora Cika nos trae su colección de «Realismo espontáneo», de la cual podéis ver un adelanto en su web, www.auroracika.com

Our porch

Today there are many coworking spaces in Madrid. In 2012 there weren’t very many, and none of them were as fun and colourful as ours. Thanks to Ricardo and all the people who have passed through here, we are still that place..

Espiritu23´s porch is the soul of our space and it represents our passion for art and creativity. Thanks to Ricardo Cavolo for capturing our essence.

I am in Malasaña

Espiritu23 is in Espiritu Street, number 23. As easy as that! The street is the epicentre of Malasaña, the most modern and ‘castizo’ neighbourhood in Madrid

23 Espiritu Santo Street (local), 28004 Madrid.​

how do I get there?


5 minutes

BICIMAD: Base 59

1 minute


M-F: 09:00  a 20:00

(+34) 915 321 849