I am in the centre of Madrid, in one of the most animated areas of Malasaña, with more than 200 metres space for you to put on the best event. ​


If you are thinking in a different kind of event, maybe you are thinking about Espiritu 23. We offer our space and, if needed, we can provide catering service, projector, speakers, and lots of chairs and tables. We are in Malasaña and we have the terrace with most selfies in Madrid.

Fees? Because each event is different, we have different fees to adapt to your needs. Contact us with your idea and we will give you a personalised quote: info@espiritu23.com

I am in Malasaña

Espiritu23 is in Espiritu Street, number 23. As easy as that! The street is the epicentre of Malasaña, the most modern and ‘castizo’ neighbourhood in Madrid

C/ Espíritu Santo 23. 28004 Madrid

how do I get there?


5 minutes

BICIMAD: Base 59

1 minute


M-F: 09:00  a 20:00

(+34) 915 321 849